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Lene Van Steenwinkel is a social worker, teacher & dance/movement therapist. Her workshops bring a deep encounter between the participants and more body awareness, grounding  and self-confidence for each individual. A great way to destress, release, relax, celebrate & connect with each other! 

Something for you!


Kula Dance brings workshops to a wide range of places,

adapted to the audience: 

- Schools   (ex. De Sassepoort)

- Companies   (ex. Maatwerk-bedrijven)

- Youth Organisations   (ex. Crefi vzw)

- Community Art Organisations   (ex. Victoria Deluxe)

- Eco Communities   (ex. Rubha Phoil)

- Celebrations

- Festivals

- ... 

Book a Workshop

- 5Elements Dance (optional with DJ or live band) : 2-3 hours

- Wild Woman Awakening Session : 3 hours

- Natural Performance : 3 hours

- Forest Bathing : 2 hours

- Consentual Touch (Wheel of Consent) : 3 hours


Book a Performance

- 'Inanna's Rising', a Ritual Theatre of Mystery Pact

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- Urban Tribe Temple Experience (concept of Wendy Brugman)

- Opening Ceremony with the Priestesses of the elements

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Kula Dance was previously booked by: 

Suntribe '18 & '19 (Belgium)

Vrouwenfest '19 (Belgium)

Psy-Fi '18 & '19 (Netherlands)

Into The Wild '19 (UK)

Woman Fest '19 (UK)

Meadows in the Mountains '18 & '19 (Bulgaria) 

Wild Woman Fest '19 (Netherlands)

Global Awareness Festival '18 (Belgium)

Odyssey '18 (Belgium)

Ecstatic Trance '18 (Belgium)

Resonance '17 (New Zealand) 

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