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Tantric Awakening

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A deep dive into your body to connect with yourSelf, others & Existence.

Tantra is the path of Enlightenment through Embodiment. In a safe container we observe and transform our patterns and blockades, so we can stay in our body & in the moment, to connect authentically, flow with our energy & experience life in a juicy, playful and loving way!

- Train MINDFULNESS. Slow down to feel your breath & what is happening in your mind & body
- Practise selfcare. Learn to regulate your nervous system into SAFETY
- Break through layers of conditioning & patterns to fully express yourself & access LOVE
- Let go of shame & ENJOY your sensual body
- Express desires & boundaries
- Be AUTHENTIC when connecting with others
- CONNECT through consensual touch
- Tap into your SUBCONSCIOUS & shadow
- Feel and work with ENERGY
- Embody the masculine (Shiva) - feminine (Shakti) polarity

"Lene's Tantric Awakening Retreat took me through a series of transformative experiences: respecting and expressing my "yeses" and "noes", dancing the elements, finding inner resources, moving and sounding from my authentic impulses, and more. I deepened my ability to connect with myself, with others, with life. Perhaps what was most powerful was experiencing the safe "wombspace" Lene created, and her organic, intuitive and responsive way of holding us in it."


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