5Elements Dance


What can the elements teach you?

Embark on an ecstatic shamanic dance journey...

For Women

Learn to listen to the rhythm

of nature & your female body...



Consensual Intimacy

on an ambient DJ-set 

Forest Bathing


Relax & connect deeply

with your senses & nature


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A 5Elements Dance Journey at your festival, celebration or resort? 



"It is an experience of letting go, being reborn, daring, moving freely, release stress and fear & allowing love. Exercises like this bring a world of difference in your experience of life. I felt welcome to search for the core."
“Lene guides you through the elements in a sparkling way. You connect with nature in yourself, your body and let the movement flow. Lene brings you into contact with your own divinity and lets you radiate from within.” 



"The grounding of the earth. The conscious breath stimulates your fire more and more. Instinctual body movements arise. Sniffing, scanning, you recognize each other. Words are omitted.
 Your inner animal gets a looser leash."
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