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Wild Woman Awakening

Listen to the rhythm of nature & your female body, in a circle of women....



5Elements Dance


What can the elements teach you? Embark on an ecstatic shamanic dance journey...


Embodied Dreamworkers.jpg

Embodied Dreamworkers


Explore your dreams through your body & increase your self-knowledge, intuition and wild creativity...

© Larissa Neslo - Labyrinth and the cran

Authentic Movement


Enter the maze into your inner world. Dance & drawing will be your thread of Ariadne, to bring the subconscious into the daylight...




Consensual Intimacy

on an ambient DJ-set... 

Natural Performance

Natural Performance


Your body is the vessel through which nature expresses itself...  


© Cindel D'hooge Photography

Forest Bathing


Relax & connect deeply

with your senses & nature...


© Wim Demaere

Book A Workshop


A 5Elements Dance Journey, performance or workshop on your festival or celebration! 

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