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Embodied Dreamworkers

Embodied Dreamworkers

➳ Welcome to our community of Embodied Dreamworkers, in which dreams are shared and explored through body movement, to unravel their messages…

Consciously dreaming and sharing dreams are ancient practices at the heart of many ancient cultures. But this potent link between dreams, the body and daily actions is little explored in the Western world. Dancer Amy S. Whitehouse, brought Carl G. Jung's dream technique 'active imagination' into motion. Dance/movement therapists Harald De Bondt and Lene Van Steenwinkel continue this movement through investigation and offering workshops...


Why practice embodied dreamwork?

  • Find a new layer of intuition to support the evolution of your practice

  • Gain access to symbols and images that live in your body

  • Transform tensions from scary dreams into new insight

  • Invite emotional honesty and authentic self-expression in your relationships

  • Receive clarity on some of your personal unconscious patterns and beliefs

  • Develop a stronger capacity to remember and imagine dreams

Who is this for?

  • Dreamers that have the desire to ground their dream-wisdom into their body

  • Dancers, movers, therapists who want to integrate the power of the unconscious and imagination in their work

  • Those on a healing path with the courage to work with their shadow

What to expect in a dreamwork session or workshop?

In an embodied form of trance travel you re-enter the ‘dream space’. You can walk again in the landscape of a dream, meet dream characters,… while you feel in your body what this does to you. In this way you can unravel the messages that your body and subconscious communicates to you, through your dreams.

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