5Elements Dance Journey

➳ What does your body wants to tell you?

➳ What can each element teach you about yourself?


Embark on a wild journey that takes you into an intimate dance with your body, tribe & nature. World music will lead you progressively through the 5 elements. Each element will wake up a different energy & give you new insights about your life.


 AIR opens your lungs & heart
EARTH awakens your instinct
FIRE helps you to express yourself
WATER brings flow & creativity
ETHER connects you with All


Ancient wisdom & rhythm of indigenous cultures are brought together to awake our consciousness. We dance ourselves into ecstatic states of awareness, release old patterns which no longer serve us, and come in the stillness of our authentic heart.

5Elements Dance Series

➳ 5 sessions, 5 elements, 1 transformative journey 


What does your body wants to tell you?

What can each element teach you about yourself?


In this eclectic dance series facilitator Lene mixes techniques of the east (Tantra, Vipassana, Butoh, Universal Dances of Peace) and the west (Authentic Movement, Burlesque, Contemporary Dance, Contact Dance, Dance Expression) with shamanism.

5Elements Cacao Dance

➳ A heart-opening dance journey

A deep dive in your heart, soul and body - accompagnied by the cacao spirit and the 5 elements.


5Elements Cacao Dance is a  collaboration between cacao priestess Jessica Dupont (MarAdentro) and Kula Dance.