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Forest Bathing

Forest bathing bosbaden

Relax & connect deeply with your senses & nature


Shinrin-Yoku, is Japanese for 'taking in the forest atmosphere' or  'forest bathing'. In Japan, forest bathing is part of preventive health care. Scientific researchers discovered that spending a few hours with full attention in the forest not only gives pleasant feelings of peace and safety, it also lowers blood pressure, heart rate and tension in the body.

Through meditative and playful exercises we learn to use the full potential of our body and its senses:

- watch with 'owl eyes'
- fox walk meditation
- learn to understand bird language
- sit spot: your own place in nature where you can relax and observe nature and its cycles.

Lene Van Steenwinkel is a social worker, dance therapist, and nature lover. She lived with several tribes and is trained in 'The Art of Mentoring', a methodology of Jon Young to learn how to to use the full potential of our senses and how to create a community that lives in connection with its natural environment.

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