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Lene is a social worker and Dance/Movement Therapist that dances around the world to facilitate and participate in dance ceremonies. She brings the wisdom of different tribes and cultures home,  to help people to connect with their body, community and nature.

She is a certified Dance/Movement Therapist trained by AgapeBelgium in Authentic Movement, Laban-Bartennieff, Somatic Experiencing, Osho Meditations and breathwork. She also studied 5Elements Dance Activation™, Butoh, Burlesque, Contact Dance, Contemporary Dance, Tantra (Agama, Trijn Amrita, Vallei Orgasme, Pussy Portal, Wheel of Consent),  Shamanism (Ahawa, Spiegelende Vrouwe), Theatre of the Oppressed, Art of Mentoring, Social Work and Development Aid.


Lene works a lot with the subconscious, archetypes and mythology. She wrote a thesis investigation about the potent combination of Dance/Movement Therapy and Dreamwork, and offers this with her organistion 'Embodied Dreamworkers'. Lene is a tantra teacher and founder of 'WombSpace', evenings of consensual intimacy. As a spider woman she weaves Kula (=tribe) together, organizing women circles, workshops, retreats and creating sacred space and ceremonies at (women) festivals all over the globe.


Kula Dance works together with the best DJ's and live musicians to take you on a life changing dance journey.

DJ Neo-Rej | DJ Dustrickx | 

Wim Ricour | Pieter De Wildeman | 

Mystical Mystery | Life Heart Brothers

Interview with Lene

"Lene is a lady with a strong sense of the rich tapestry that defines the feminine archetype. So much so that she designed a free-flowing, interpretive choreography that aims to permit the complete expression of femininity in all its guises.  We had a rambling chat with Lene that delved into her path that brought her to her current thinking around the resurrection, expression and celebration of the wild and sacred feminine spirit."   

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