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Kula Grief Ceremony

kula grief ceremony.jpeg

➳ A community-held ceremony to grief, express emotions and experience deep connection & belonging

Many ancient cultures hold grief ceremonies with the whole kula (tribe), but in the Western culture there is a collective denial, suppression and numbing of grief and its underlying emotions. We are often frozen and disconnected from our emotional body.

"Loss and sorrow pull us inward and downward towards the interior and the felt sense of soul. (...) Grief leads us back to the body through its wild, heavy, twisting presence. And through the body we are brought back again into the greater conversation with the living world." - from 'The Wild Edge of Sorrow' of Francis Weller

In this ceremony we'll open the 5 gates of grief (created by Francis Weller) to invite these denied and forgotten parts of our psyche. In this ceremony we are all both grieving and spaceholding. We need the container of the community to really release, because if we are ourselves the container, we often 'recycle' our grief, pulling it back into our body unreleased. Deep structural change requires a reliable psychosocial framing.

"Lene managed, in just two hours, to create a well-held space for people to go deep into grief and express, without words, all the emotions that come with it. The grief ceremony gave me new insights and enabled me ultimately to move through a major life transition. It is so rare in our society to have a space to feel everything and express the emotions completely with body and voice and in the company of others. Truly liberating."


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